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RRT - Rapid Resolution Therapy

RRT (Rapid Resolution Therapy) is a unique treatment approach developed by Dr. Jon Connolly who established the Institute of Rapid Resolution Therapy in Florida. RRT is gentle and uses symbolic imagery and metaphors for emotional healing. RRT is generally a brief therapy that can achieve long lasting results. Kat has been training with the RRT Institute and has completed the Foundations Training (40 hours) and Advanced Training (30 hours) along with ongoing trainings and collaborative case reviews.

The majority of unwanted behaviors, thoughts, and emotions (anxiety, panic attacks, fear, apprehension, anger, negative self-talk) are driven by learning that has taken place while in an emotional state (terror, fear, or anger, etc.) according to recent neuroscience research.

According to recent neuroscience research, memory re-consolidation (which is conducted in the RRT process) is the only known form of therapy capable of eliminating unwanted emotional learning. You will still remember the experience in which the response was acquired and you will remember having had an emotional response, but the emotional response itself is no longer activated (Ecker, Ticic, & Hulley, 2012). Under the guidance of your Rapid Resolution Therapist, you will be stepped through the memory re-consolidation process.

You don't have to live with it.

Clear your mind. Change your world.

RRT - Rapid Resolution Therapy
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